We are a family of chow enthusiasts with an unswerving conviction that, despite the misconception about this noble breed, with appropriate upbringing, chow chow will become your most satisfying companion and friend.

Our chows are an integral part of our family and get utmost loving care inside our home and outside in our yards and kennels.  Consequently, they interact very well with children, adult dogs, puppies of other breed and other pets. Summarily, there are well socialized. Reason why we can confidently say that our chow puppies are ultimately meant to be a part of your family. Most become loved pets but some are showed champions.

We’re not a big producer of puppies. We produce just two or three litters a year. This gives us ample time to concentrate on matching the best features of our males with the best features of our females to yield extraordinary chows.  Our breeding is based on American, European, and Russian, Chinese bloodlines.

If you’ve been searching for quality AKC chows, look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

As a gentle reminder, chows are not cheap! So, if you’re going to spend your money, spend it on a chow that will surpass your expectations and come with genetic foundation of proper conformation, working ability, outstanding health and longevity.

Now that you have a background of who we are, you can proceed with selecting your new family member.

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