When you have selected your desired puppy and are prepared to make at least a deposit of $500 to hold your puppy or the full purchase price, contact us.

We are very aware that chows are costly and interested persons may not be able to afford  the total cost at once. We are prepared and willing to work out a convenient payment plan that will work for you as long as the total cost of the puppy is paid before transfer of ownership. Please understand that once you have paid for a puppy the money is typically only refundable if we cannot provide the puppy you paid for.

Payment of full purchase price is typically required before you can take ownership of the puppy.

We accept the following payment methods; Direct bank Deposit, Wire transfer into our banks account and Zelle payment. These are the most preferred options in terms of safety, reliability and practicality.  Be informed however, that we will not ship your puppy until we’ve verified the funds have been transferred and cleared into our account.