Scam Alert

In the recent past, fraud tolls have been on a rise and we think that it is the duty of every right-thinking person to fight against fraud. Throughout the years, too many victims of puppy scams have narrated their story of how they were taken advantage of by some dishonest individuals. Even though they ended up getting their desired puppies from us, the loss they had previously incurred while dealing with scammers remained irreversible.

We sympathise and empathise with all scam victims.

 As our own contribution to customer protection, we have decided to post this short but usefull info on how to avoid scams online;

  •   A scam artist will require you to pay him via Money gram or western union only and cannot provide you with a bank account. BIG RED FLAG !!!! NEVER MAKE A PAYMENT VIA WESTERN UNION OR MONEYGRAM. Such payment methods are not traceable. We advise you pay through their bank account because it is linked to a social security hence, very traceable.
  • If a seller mentions Cameroon or asks you to send money to Africa, watch out! he may be a scammer.
  • A scam artist will claim to be selling a puppy at an extremely low price. Personally, I’d be suspicious of any breeder selling a chow for anything less than $600, especially at prices like $400 and $500.

             We understand that some of those offers are quite tempting. However, what may seem like a good deal (chow for $400 and $500) often turns out into a heartbreak. So, watch out!

You have been cautioned!!!