Adil is just the best dog ever ever! she has the sweetest temperament. she's curious, playful, sleeps with her tongue out and loves her toys. We are grateful to you .


Awww!! my big handsome boy!!! He is great, plays with all the dogs at the dog park, loves people, very loveable, very proud of him. Thanks a lot.


Yes, they are my pride and joy. They are our kids. We just love them so much. Just like having kids here. Thank you for such beautiful dogs. Have a great night.

Gary and Diana Markus

Thanks so much for Naku he is so fun he’s brought a lot of happiness into my daughter’s life.


Chyna is the most lovable puppy that anyone could ever get, she loves all humans and get along well with other dog! She travels well in the car when we go to Niagara to see my father in-law. We just love her to pieces! She loves her walks on and off the trails! We couldn’t have picked a more wonderful puppy, Thank you!!!


We just wanted to tell you thank you for such a wonderful puppy. Yes, he is very spoiled and special. My holiday season. Thank you so much Garner


Dayne just turned 2 on the 13th and he and Reina are just the best of friends!! She is everything I wanted, thank you!


The puppies’ temperaments are perfect! They are beautiful, well behaved, gentle and very loyal. They are free spirits and their Papa gives them full reign on each of their walks.They decide where to go! Usually Amie is the leader and Zoe has to follow. When Amy is happy she flops and rolls in her favorite spot and then they wrestle gently. Soooo cute! They were wrestling in the photo from the first week we got them in Jan 2012 and they still do.More often than not I see them lying together touching each other back to back or perfectly parallel, but always together.